What is an Office of Nighttime Economy (ONE)?

A city has many facilities and options to offer support during the hours from 9am-5pm.

However, what happens when those facilities close for the day and someone has questions for municipalities after dark?

An office of nighttime economy is a group of people that can bridge the divide between industries & residences, culture & business, revenue & government.

Our goal at ONE-Denver is to build the table that these conversations take place around in hopes to bring communities and cultures together.

What are some of the goals of ONE Denver?

We are eager to bring back vibrant, social, and safe nights in downtown Denver.

We can accomplish these goals by cleaning up neighborhoods, offering education around substance laws & restrictions, creating available and accessible public transportation, and interacting with the colorful community that Denver has to offer.

We firmly believe that a diverse community creates a strong economy.

I don’t party. How does the nighttime economy affect me?

A common misconception of the nighttime economy is that you have to be a lover of concerts, beer, and all things indulgent to participate.

Regardless of whether you choose to stay in for the night or opt to go bar hopping with friends, it’s likely that you participate in the nighttime economy at least once a week. This can be ordering takeout, going to a restaurant, ridesharing, hiring a babysitter, going to the movies, getting a late night coffee at a café, studying for a test at university, shopping, and a slew of other activities that take place after 5pm.

Additionally, the public service sector which includes waste management and road work often takes place after dark to avoid interrupting traffic. Many formal and informal laborers do the work of keeping cities running efficiently while other people sleep.

In many cities around the world, public transit runs late or overnight, and various communities make use of the city after dark to congregate, learn and explore, whether it’s at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, night school or open mic nights.

If you are a citizen in a city, it is likely that you participate in the nighttime economy more often than once a week, and at this moment, there is no entity that can handle requests as they happen during these hours.

We seek to change this and finally give the night it’s due. After all, it affects everyone.